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When you need a smaller yacht

When you’re accustomed to a certain luxury, it’s hard to take a step back. With a Wajer as tender to your yacht, you don’t have to. The same qualities that make Wajers such great dayboats, make them exceptionally suitable support vessels as well.

The ideal tender

Wajer 38 L

Nothing says hospitality more than a Wajer 38 L. This luxury people carrier has room for sixteen, comfortably sheltering them from the elements en route to and from your yacht. The Wajer 38 L evolves from the 38 line, that Wajer has been building successfully since 2013. The 38 L design shows specific features which make her the perfect limo tender. She's fitted with Hamilton jets at the stern, reducing draught with half a meter and providing exceptional manoeuvrability, and nicely hidden hoisting points, making it easy to lift her on and off your superyacht.

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Wajer 38 Tender

The luxury you’re accustomed to

Fast, comfortable and with the power to turn every head on every quay, a Wajer is the perfect ride to support your yacht in style. All Wajers can be operated by a single person, are easy to board and can be stored in a tender garage or towed as a chase boat.

We can customise your tender to your specific wishes with a variety of colours and finishes. A Wajer can be fitted with a wide range of tender related add-ons such as a towing eye, touch and go stern bumper, deck inserts for lollypops and AIS.

Johannes Rijs Superyacht captain We use our Wajer 55 as a chase boat to the mother vessel. The Wajer 55 has enough range and is sufficiently seaworthy to follow us throughout our journeys. Once we arrive at our location, the Wajer 55 becomes our main ship-to-shore tender as well as a comfortable platform for small exploring trips and excursions. The boat is very well built and feels substantial throughout. And the after sales and maintenance service provided by Wajer is fantastic.

Smooth sailing guaranteed

Wajer Care

Half the enjoyment of owning a Wajer is she’s well taken care of. From maintaining your boat to stocking up the fridge, our crew provides full service all over the world, remotely or from our local hubs.

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Wajer Flying Doctors

Worldwide service

Wajer Flying Doctors

Wajer Flying Doctors is our worldwide maintenance mobility service. All owners who deploy their Wajers as a superyacht tender or owners not located near one of our service hubs, can request the services and technical assistance of Wajer Flying Doctors. Help is only one call away.


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