May 18, 2022 | Article

Wajer in Dutch TV program Humberto Onderneemt

Dutch TV host Humberto Tan visited our shipyard in Heeg for the program 'Humberto Onderneemt'. He spoke with Dries Wajer about his entrepreneurial story and the history of Wajer Yachts.

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  • SOTS 2022 main foto verkleind

    April 14, 2022 | Event

    Start of the Season 2022

    With the sun shining on 350 happy faces and a record number of 44 Wajers we made an incredible maiden voyage from the yard in Heeg to the Amstel hotel in our capital city.

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  • Wajer Yachts Friese onderneming van het jaar

    April 13, 2022 | Article

    Wajer voted Frisian company of the year 2022

    After presentations of the three finalists, A.P. van den Berg, Jongia, and Wajer Yachts, the latter was chosen by the four-member jury as the Frisian company of the year. The exciting finale, presented by singer/songwriter Elske DeWall, took place in different locations in Sneek. “We are very happy with this honorable title and see this as a big compliment to all our employees,” said Dries Wajer of Wajer Yachts.

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