April 23, 2019 | Article

Explore our S-Factor

Never change a winning concept, they say. However, since following the beaten track has never been our forte, this year we’re launching the thrilling Wajer 55 S: lighter, faster and more versatile than its renowned 55 sibling. Two years after the release of the flagship Wajer 55, this sportier version is based upon a centre console concept. The new model has the same hull as the Wajer 55, but with a completely different deck layout. This gives the boat an even more dynamic look and room for all kinds of watersport toys. The Wajer 55 S combines sportiness, luxury and comfort.

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  • November 5, 2019 | Article

    The new Wajer 55 HT: our cover model

    Heeg, October 2019 - Who doesn’t love a sunny day on the water? But when the sun is out all day every day, a bit of shade can be a welcome relief. For that, we’ve built the Wajer 55 HT: the hard-top version of the esteemed Wajer 55. She’s just as fast, comfortable and alluring as the open 55, but with the added benefit of a sliding roof that covers the cockpit and part of the interior. Sun lovers fear not. The sun pads out front and the lounge area in the back are still sunny as ever.

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  • August 5, 2019 | Event

    Wajer Owners Day Ibiza 2019

    The annual Wajer Owners Challenge took place at our hub in Ibiza. This year we had a large fleet of 25 participating Wajers, crewed by more than 200 people! It was great fun seeing the teams compete in full force during the contests and enjoying the afternoon at the Roto Club Ibiza.

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