Update your pre-owned Wajer

All our pre-owned Wajers can be subject to a refit. During a refit the Wajer gets a complete or partial facelift, making her look like new! The yachts can be updated with all new materials like carbon finishes, powder coated rails and new upholstery. You can update the cockpit with new chairs and install Raymarine navigation. And of course, you can respray your Wajer completely, or just the hull, waterline and /or inside.

Look at what refit can do in the video below.

Refit in action

What can be done?

Respraying inside and out

The first thing you can do to update the look of your pre-owned Wajer is changing her colours. We can realise a full respray of hull, waterline and the inside of your boat, or you can choose to respray partially. And to really complete the look, you could install underwater lights.

Powder coating stainless steel

All stainless-steel parts can be powder coated for a more modern and sleeker look. Updating the signature Wajer air intake vents, rubber rub rail all along the gunwale and waterline makes a huge difference in the Wajer’s overall look.

Change upholstery

All upholstery can be re-done in high-quality, in a wide range of colour choices. If you respray your Wajer, matching upholstery seems a logical next step. This goes for all seating arrangements, captains’ chairs and of course the sundeck.

Upgrade your cockpit

The cockpit of your Wajer is where the magic happens, so you want it to be up-to-date and comfortable. We can update all captain’s chairs to the latest version of Wajer chairs with custom suspension for extra comfort. In the dashboard we can powder coat the stainless-steel panel and replace the operation system to a Raymarine touchscreen. An upgrade of the audio-system is also possible. And if you would like, we can tint the windshield.

Wajer Approved

Now you’ve seen what we can do to update a pre-owned Wajer, you might want to take a second look at our current Approved fleet. And although they are all beauties in their own right, with imagination and a little work, they will turn into the Wajer you never knew you wanted.

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