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Welcome to Wajer Yachts. On this website you’ll find everything you need to know about our boats, the way we build them and how they can enrich your life. I’m hoping these pages will get you excited enough to book a sea trial on one of our yachts. Because to be fair, all the words and pictures in the world can’t prepare you for the real thing. But for now, enjoy the tour and feel free to contact us anytime if we’ve left you wanting more.

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Dries Wajer
MD Wajer Yachts

Father & Son

Father and son

Family Matters

For three decades, the Wajer name has been synonymous with the best boats money can buy. In 1992, Dorus Wajer started building his own launches on the lakes near Amsterdam. The Captain’s Launch, famous for her quality, craftsmanship and iconic lines, embodies the Wajer spirit to this day.


Wajer Timeline

  • Dorus Wajer Timeline

    Birth of Wajer Yachts

    Wajer Yachts established by founding father Dorus Wajer.

    First Wajer built was the Captain’s Launch 7m Classic.

  • Wajer yachts Captain's Launch

    Captain's Launch 8m

    Introducing the Captain’s Launch 8m Classic.

  • wajer yachts 37 about

    Introducing the Wajer 37

    Introducing the Wajer 37.

    Awarded “Boat of the Year”.

  • Dorus Wajer Dries Wajer

    Dries joins the Company

    Dries Wajer joins his father’s company.

  • wajer yachts 38 about

    Introducing the Wajer 38

    Introducing the Wajer 38.

  • Wajer 38 S timeline

    Introducing the Wajer 38 S

    Introducing the sportier Wajer 38 S.

  • wajer yachts 55 about

    Launching the Wajer 55

    Launching the Wajer 55.

  • wajer yachts 55 s about

    Introducing the Wajer 55 S

    Introducing the sportier sibling of the 55: the Wajer 55 S.

  • Introducing the Wajer 55 HT

    Introducing the hard top version of the Wajer 55.

  • Introducing the Wajer 77

    Adding the largest yacht yet to the fleet, the Wajer 77.


Our craft


With her fluent lines, deep riding cockpit and low window frames, a Wajer yacht looks like she’s slicing through the water even when she’s moored. Sinot Yacht Architecture & Design helps us create our timeless designs that are equally aesthetic as aerodynamic.


When driving a boat is this intuitive, it’s easy to forget the innovative thinking that went into it. Like deploying and retracting inflatable fenders with the push of a button. Or dropping the anchor remotely from the steering console, watching it go on a screen in the cockpit. Everything about a Wajer gives you the feeling it has been designed around your needs.


Wajer yachts are among the fastest boats in their class. The Volvo Penta IPS system makes them faster, quieter and go further with less fuel and lower emissions. Docking is a piece of cake with joystick control. And every Wajer rides super smooth thanks to the deep-V hull design.


A boat’s exterior is only half the story – what is hidden behind the panelling and underneath the floors is just as important in the long run. That’s why a Wajer’s beautiful exterior houses the very best in technical engineering.


All our boats are made by hand in the northern Netherlands. Wajer craftsmen are enormously dedicated and skilled in their own field. We have world-class specialists in woodworking, technological systems, design, epoxy construction, and more. And since they are handcrafted, no two boats are the same. What’s more, every model can be individualised and is built to order.

Made in Holland

Wajer Yachts are handmade in the north of the Netherlands by the most skilled of specialists. Something you can feel in the wheel in your hands, the support of the seats when you open the throttle. From the deck to the wiring below it, every detail is made of the finest materials.

wajer yachts dutch yard heeg

The Yard

Located in the northern Dutch province of Friesland, we have access to a rich tradition of skilled boatbuilders. It’s here where 180 craftsmen design, build, test and tune every yacht by hand until she’s ready for launch.