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Who doesn’t love a sunny day on the water? But when the sun is out all day every day, a bit of shade can be a welcome relief. For that, we’ve built the Wajer 55 HT – the hard-top version of the esteemed Wajer 55. She’s just as fast, comfortable and alluring as the open 55, but with the added benefit of a sliding roof that covers the cockpit and part of the interior. We're hoping our website will get you excited enough to book a sea trial on one of our yachts. Because to be fair, all the words and pictures in the world can’t prepare you for the real thing.

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Wajer 55 HT

The Wajer 55 HT is a powerful yacht, that also looks the part. She’s the ideal companion for day- or weekend trips full of adventure. The hardtop gives you a bit more shelter from the elements and adds to a more private experience.

Learn more about the Wajer 55 HT on the model detail page.

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