April 11, 2013

Wajer 38: Allround & Powerful

The Wajer 38 motorboat combines a superb performance with relaxed sailing pleasure. “A combination of power, elegance and luxury means that the Wajer 38 offers you a new kind of sailing experience,” Dries Wajer says.

Family expansion

Its harmonious proportions and flowing lines place this 38-footer squarely in the Wajer family. The range originated with the Wajer 37, which immediately earned the prestigious Motorboat of the Year award at the Amsterdam boat show. The sturdy Wajer 38 was added to the range in 2013. New technologies have made it faster and more economical, as well as some 30% quieter than its predecessors. The walk-in closet and the sun deck on the foreship are unique for a boat in this category.


The sleek, symmetrical lines of the interior and the cockpit enhance the feeling of space and freedom of movement. The central dashboard put the needs of a captain first, just like on a jet. The 15-inch LED display is easy to read even in bright sunlight and the electric anchor can be operated from the steering position. The high-tech cockpit is dominated by leather and matt black anodised aluminium. The helmsman’s chair and two comfy seats with adjustable gas springs and dampers have been specially developed for the Wajer 38. Comfort is assured.

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