December 8, 2022 | Article

Wajer opens boat house designed by Studio Piet Boon

Wajer Yachts has opened a new boat house at their shipyard in Heeg (the Netherlands). Under the design direction of Studio Piet Boon, the 350m2 building has been completely designed around Wajer yachts to reflect their craftsmanship and passion for materials. The focal point is the gigantic indoor 8 by 27 metre berth where even the largest model, the Wajer 77, can enter. In addition to the reception area, which has a view of the mooring, the boathouse offers meeting rooms, lounges and terraces.

Wajer Yachts commissioned the boathouse to ensure customers are welcomed into an inspiring environment, fully tailored to the yachts. The fireplace, large armchairs and spacious kitchen provide all the comforts of home. The reception space, where clients can select the colours and materials for their Wajer, offers a view of the indoor berth through a glass wall. The view of the boats, illuminated by spotlights, is even better from the solid oak platform. A coffee and champagne bar has been added to ensure an extra special celebration.


The outside of the boathouse is sturdy and timeless, with insulated cladding and profiled black steel plates on the roof.

The building is surrounded buy a broad wooden jetty which extends in to oak terraces. Adjacent to one of these terraces, space has been created for five berths.


The interior is rich and balanced, with 3,5 metre high ceilings and a meticulously thought-out lighting plan. The colour of the large 1,20 by 1,20m tiles on the floor seamlessly blends with the walls and the steel interior doors and window frames in the same colour provide synchronicity. A floating acoustic ceiling, accentuated by the lighting surrounding it, provides the perfect sound transmission.

The custom furniture, also designed by Studio Piet Boon, is made of solid oak with Belgian hard stone details. All scale models, brochures and (colour) samples will be stored and exhibited here.

Self sufficient

The boat house will be heated by underfloor heating, via a heat pump connected to 720 solar panels on the roof of the production halls.

Dries Wajer, Managing Director Wajer Yachts: “The boathouse is like a jacket built around our yachts, everything is geared towards experiencing the quality and love for the product. We can't wait to welcome our customers from home and overseas.”

Designer Piet Boon: “The DNA of Piet Boon and Wajer has many factors in common. We are two Dutch companies with a world wide reach, who believe in timeless and elegant design. We have combined our common expertise and quality to design this boathouse.”