June 19, 2020 | Article

Wajer Approved: pre-owned yachts directly available

Dries Wajer was interviewed by Dutch TV show "Business Class" about Wajer Approved and the opening of the new Amsterdam hub. In this interview Dries explains the ins and outs of Wajer Approved: our label for pre-owned wajer yachts.

Our Wajer Approved fleet is in high demand. Seeing the current outlook on summer plans, many people are looking to own their own boat. And as Wajer Approved models are available immediately, we were able to deliver 4 beautiful Approved models to their new proud owners in the last few weeks. Ready to go and enjoy a splendid summer on their Wajer. Since we check and service all previously owned yachts personally, we guarantee they’re in mint condition.

Why Wajer Approved?

  • Over 100-point checklist: every pre-owned yacht in the approved fleet has to pass all points with flying colours.
  • All pre-owned yachts in the approved fleet are available on short notice.
  • We can update anything or everything on your pre-owned Wajer with our refit program.

Current Wajer approved fleet

If you’re looking to own a used Wajer yacht, keep checking our website for our always changing offer of fully refitted 38's and 37's.

Click here to check the current Wajer approved fleet.

Wajer Approved

Wajer Approved business class item