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January 6, 2020 | Article

Wajer 38 L: Finalist Limo Tender of the Year

Our newest model, the Wajer 38 L, has been nominated as a finalist for the Limo Tender of the Year-award by Boat International. We're very excited and are of course expecting to win. Why we're not modest about this? You'll know when you read more about the Wajer 38 L.

In good company

The Wajer 38 L evolves from the 38 line, that Wajer has been building successfully since 2013. Countless enhancements and modifications have been made through the years, delivering over 75 vessels, making this 38 L one of the most advanced 38-models so far.

The 38 L design shows specific features which make her the perfect limo tender. She’s the first Wajer 38 fitted with Hamilton jets at the stern, reducing draught with half a meter and providing exceptional manoeuvrability. Furthermore, especially designed for the superyacht TIS, this Wajer 38 L comes with a removable windshield to make sure she fits TIS’s compact garage like a glove. She also has nicely hidden hoisting points, making it easy to lift her on and off.

Comfortably sheltered

This ultimate limo tender accommodates up to sixteen guests which is quite considerable for a tender this size. Guests are comfortably sheltered from the elements within the cabin, featuring a soft top sliding roof to open her up and fully automatic climate control system, which guests can operate themselves from within the cabin.

The mid-section has padded Silverguard Upholstery sofas on both sides of the tender. A spacious aft deck offers guests plenty of room to enjoy the ocean breeze on a nice warm night. Easy-access arrangements at the stern and sides make boarding the Wajer 38 L exceptionally safe.

Sleek and low

The Wajer 38 L has a deep forward cockpit, making sure she stays as low as possible. The cockpit is fully equipped with a X-Craft captain chair with custom suspension, to offer maximum comfort for the captain. Double seating arrangement is an option. Every aspect of this Wajer 38 L is designed to keep her sleek and low, but also to make sure she turns every head on the quay.

Smart propulsion saving space

To reduce the Wajer 38 L’s draught – and save precious real estate on the mothership – the tender has a smart propulsion installation of Hamilton waterjets and Volvo Penta engines. The jets are fitted at the stern, reducing draught by half a meter. They include a Blue Arrow functionality, ensuring intuitive ease of operation and making it simple to manoeuvre the boat in every direction. Wajer has successfully deployed Volvo Penta engines on the Wajer 38 line for years and the four-cylinder D4 variety provide 260 hp each and some impressive power for the Wajer 38 L. Twin Volvo Penta IPS 650 engines can also be fitted upon request.

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