Wajer Academy

May 7, 2020 | Article

Summer Care is ready for action

“The hub in Port Grimaud is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year”, says Hisham. “We started small in 2010 with just a few boats. Whereas today, we care for over 100 Wajers within our entire Summer Care Program, on several locations in the south of France, Ibiza and Mallorca. With a total crew of about 45, that’s a whole different scale”. As announced before, Wessel Labrujere is taking over from Hisham as Operations Manager in Port Grimaud, so Hisham can dedicate himself to take the entire Wajer Summer Care program to the next level. He will reach out to the owners in France soon, to make proper introductions to Wessel. The hub in Ibiza is still being operated by Krein Bons.

Wajer Academy

The past (winter)months Hisham has led the Wajer Academy: the annual training program for our captains and deckhands. During this training the crew learns how to provide the highest level of service to our owners. They learn about boat technology, sailing qualifications and what to do in emergency situations. The entire Wajer Summer Care team consists of 45 people right now. “The crew is very eager to start the season in our hubs in France and Spain. Unfortunately, we have to wait for restrictions to lift, but we are confident this will happen soon. The latest news coming out of France is they’re lifting first social restrictions as of 11th of May. So, we are keeping our fingers crossed, that we’ll be sailing in France again come June. Meanwhile, the crew is mainly working in the Netherlands, because there’s also plenty of sailing to be done on the Dutch waters.”

Wajer App

The Wajer App, used by owners who subscribe to the Summer Care program, is also being updated, with local sailing tips, the best restaurants and nice music. A new feature is a rating-module, with which owners can rate their experience with the Wajer crew and service during their day on the water. “We are relentlessly trying to improve our service level. The owners’ input is of vital importance for us”, concludes Hisham.

Next week, Hisham will travel to the south of France to assess the local situation, so that he can get a better idea of when and how we can reopen our locations.

(All photographs were taken before March 2020)