July 11, 2019 | Article

Banwajer Charter

The journey

To deliver the Banwajer to the island of Banwa, two of our - Wajer Academy trained – captains sailed from Hong Kong, all the way to the island. First, they made the crossing from Hong Kong to Subic; a municipality in the Filipino province of Zambales. This is a journey of no less than 569 Nm (more than 1000km)!

With an average speed of 28 kt / h, they made the trip in 30 hours. After they arrived in Subic, our captains sailed 166Nm over the Philippine sea and then spent the night in a small fishing town. The next day the last journey of 116 Nm followed to the island of Banwa, where they were joyfully received by the crew. To ensure safe arrival, an extra fuel tank was installed on the Banwajer prior to the journey.

Because the island is so far away, every effort has been made to ensure that the Banwa crew can use and maintain the Banwajer completely independently. Various precautions have been taken for this, such as taking along enough spare parts and tools. In addition, our captains stay on the island for a period of three weeks to train all Banwa crew in how to use the Banwajer. After the crew has been fully trained, they can completely independently use the Banwajer for at least three years, with Wajer only possibly having to assist from a distance.

Banwa Private Island

Banwa is a luxury island, two hour’s flight from Manila, that can accommodate 48 guests in 12 garden rooms, six beach villas – with jacuzzis, pools and butler service – and residential suite. With the arrival of the Banwajer, Banwa has expanded the experience. She opens up fixed new areas of the Palawan coastline to discover, while enjoying the sheer thrill of the ride. For more information about the island, click here to visit their website.