Wajer Yachts celebrates silver jubilee in style

Wajer Yachts in the Netherlands has grown over the past 25 years from a one-man business to a renowned player in the international world of luxury yachts. Although the Wajer that started it all – the Captain’s Launch – is still built today, the company is best known for its powerful, luxurious seaworthy open day yachts. No less than 396 Wajers are now cruising the world’s waters from Ibiza to Hong Kong.

The Wajer story started in 1992 when Dorus Wajer was looking to buy a launch that would be ideal for Dutch waters. “I wanted an attractive boat with excellent sailing characteristics,” he recalls. “After failing to find a single launch that met all of my requirements I decided to build one for myself.” The result was the highly innovative Wajer Captain’s Launch, including features that were unique at the time such as underfloor heating. The now familiar Wajer signature elements of elegance, timelessness and a superlative finish were also immediately present.

Family business

Dries Wajer, son of Dorus, joined Wajer Yachts eight years ago at the age of 21, focusing on the sales and marketing aspects of the business. Using the Wajer 37 – named Motorboat of the Year in 2006 – as his tool, he worked on expanding the brand’s recognition in the South of France. This was very successful and today there are some 40 Wajers with their home berths on the French Côte d’Azur alone. In addition to the Netherlands and France, Wajer Yachts representatives are now also found in Spain, the UAE and the United States.

In 2013, the yard introduced the Wajer 38, a renewed version of the Wajer 37 featuring modern materials and more space for sunbathing. The 38 S introduced in 2015 is a sportier version of the Wajer 38: lighter, faster and with additional room for toys such as Seabobs, SUP boards and water skis.

“A great deal has happened over the past decade,” says Dries Wajer. “We successfully introduced new yachts in the Netherlands and abroad, which also resulted in controlled growth at our yard in Heeg (NL) with a tripling of the number of staff and an expansion of the production facilities. Providing Wajer clients with the best possible service is our ultimate goal, and we do everything in our power to make our ‘without a worry’ motto true.”

Flagship: the Wajer 55

The yard’s current flagship model is the Wajer 55 introduced at the end of 2016. With a length of 16 metres, it features an exceptionally elegant design, superior ease-of-operation, a powerful performance and an innovative character. Unique features of the Wajer 55 include a patented automatic fender system that allows the skipper to moor without leaving the cockpit. The 55 combines artisanship with high-tech elements in other ways too, including with its fully retractable roof and a cockpit floor that can be adjusted in height. Over 20 Wajer 55s have been sold to date, giving an extra allure to Wajer Yacht’s silver jubilee celebrations.

25th anniversary festivities

Wajer is organising various client events – on the water, of course – to mark its 25th birthday, including the recent Wajer Owners Challenges in Ibiza and France. In addition, all Wajer fans can participate in a photography competition, with a complete sailing trip on Ibiza as the main prize. Details of this unique offer, which runs until 1 May 2018, are available via www.wajer.nl/wajer25

Wajer DNA top 6

  • Quality: Wajer employs dedicated professionals who enjoy their work and take pride in their product. The yard uses the best materials and quality is its first priority. Wooden elements, for example, are covered in 20 layers of varnish. The yard offers a ‘titanium look’ for fittings (one of 123 options), whereby vacuum oxidation is deployed to ensure a functional and attractive finish with optimal protection against seawater.
  • Design: the Wajer lines can be defined in two words: timeless and stylish. Form and function are also perfectly in balance: when the anchor of the 55 is not in use, for instance, it is hidden out-of-sight. A unique detail is that no Wajer yacht contains any 90-degree angles. Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design is Wajer’s design partner.
  • Power: every Wajer has powerful engines. The 38, for instance, has two 435 hp engines and the Volvo IPS system for joystick manoeuvring. The engines, IPS system and use of lightweight materials also result in favourable fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, low noise levels, a substantial range, a high top speed and superior ease-of-operation.
  • User-friendliness: every Wajer features an adjustable and well-organised steering position. The 55 even has a height-adjustable cockpit floor. All Wajers, including the 16-metre Wajer 55, can be operated and berthed single-handed. Excellent stability is assured by a dedicated computer system.
  • Innovation: from underfloor heating in the first Captain’s Launch to the patented fender system on the 55, every Wajer includes innovative features.
  • Service: ‘Without a worry’ is Wajer’s pay-off. Clients can rely on the highest level of service before, during and after their purchase.

See the infographic for more interesting facts & figures about Wajer.