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On this page we explain why more and more superyacht owners are choosing a Wajer yacht as a tender. We hope you enjoy perusing this page and would love the chance to welcome you on board a Wajer in person. 

Each chase tender is unique and can be adjusted to the specific wishes of the owners.

A wajer can be handled by one person.

We offer a variety of colours, finishes like wood or carbon fibre and ionized fittings.

Wajer Care Flying Doctors standing by 24/7.

A Wajer tender can be specified with a wide range of tender related additionals such as a towing eye, touch and go stern bumper, deck inserts for lollypops and AIS.

Last but not least, we are praised by our clientele for our excellent service and support. It’s our goal to make the best open chase tender without any concessions in terms of building quality and performance. If there is anything we can do better, we will.

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'Mia Noi means mistress or lover in Thai. Every superyacht captain develops a special relationship with his command. To develop such a bond with a chase boat or tender however is rather unusual. But this is exactly what happened with our Wajer 38. Mia Noi was our true love. We towed her for 35,000 miles and put well over 1000 hours on the engines in just two years and she never missed a beat. What an impressive boat.'

“Don’t ever leave home without a Wajer”

Christoph Schaefer
Captain Motor Yacht Amels 180


'We use our Wajer 55 as a chase boat to the mother vessel. The Wajer 55 has enough range and is sufficiently seaworthy to follow us throughout the Mediterranean. Once we arrive at our location, the Wajer 55 becomes our main ship-to-shore tender as well as a comfortable platform for small exploring trips and excursions. The boat is very well built and feels substantial throughout.'

“The after sales and maintenance service provided by Wajer is fantastic.”

Johannes Rijs
Yacht Captain


'From Bergen to Capri, our Wajer 38 has been very impressive and a joy to run. And also for our guests the Wajer has proven to be a game changer. Comfy seating and protected from spray, wind and sun, the guests enjoy the experience. Operating an 11,000 kg tender seemed unnerving at first, but with the IPS drives, even in rough conditions, guest transfers are never a problem'.

“Everything is in the right place, easy to access and well organised.”

Lorian Smith
Captain Motor Yacht Moon Sand

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wajer 55 best tender design


Wajer 38

Wajer 38

A spacious walk-in aft and a large three-person sundeck forward are two of the many unique features of the striking Wajer 38. And behind the elegant, streamlined windscreen and striking wooden or carbon fiber frame is a contemporary and exceptionally stylish interior. The unique cockpit layout of the Wajer 38 ensures that the helmsman has perfect lines of sight all around without being isolated from family, friends or guests.... More information Wajer 38

Wajer 38 s

Wajer 38 S

Wajer presents the Wajer 38 S. The most striking aspect of this new boat is the centrally located cockpit under a sturdy hardtop bimini. The principle of having a centre console has freed up a great deal of space on board for comfortable socialising and relaxing, and enhanced freedom of movement for all passengers.... More information Wajer 38 S

Wajer 38 L

Wajer 38 L

Being a good host means taking good care of your guests. And nothing demonstrates your hospitality qualities more than a Wajer 38L to transport your passengers to and from the shore. Based on the 38, this luxury people carrier is adapted to offer room to sixteen passengers. A classic case of the journey being more important than the destination, if we ever saw one... More information Wajer 38 L

Wajer 55

Wajer 55

Blending almost 25 years of experience with the latest insights into performance and comfort, the Wajer 55 is our largest powerboat to date. Everything possible has been done to place owners and their guests centre stage and optimise your entire on board experience via smart superyacht-style innovations.... More information Wajer 55

Wajer 55 S

Wajer 55 S

Never change a winning concept, they say. However, since following the beaten path has never been our forte, this year we’re launching the thrilling Wajer 55 S: Lighter, faster and more versatile than its renowned 55 sibling.... More information Wajer 55 S

Wajer Tender

More information Wajer Tender