Wajer Care

Without a worry

A Wajer is made to be enjoyed and we make things even easier by offering a wide range of services. All our work is tailored to your specific needs, starting from the moment your Wajer is delivered. 

Wajer Winter Care
Wajer Winter Care* provides the best care for your boat over the winter. It starts with an intensive check, with any issues being resolved by our specialists before your boat goes into our dedicated storage. Quality maintenance by specialists using in-house parts also ensures you the best possible resale value in later years.

Wajer Without a Worry
At the Wajer hubs on the Côte d’Azur, on Ibiza and in Miami, owners with Wajer Winter Care can go a step further  with our Wajer Without a Worry service package*.
You can rest assured that your Wajer will be ready to go the moment you arrive at one of our hubs – thoroughly checked, cleaned and restocked. We also provide options for pick-up/drop-off, emergency services and a captain to sail the boat for you.

Wajer Flying Doctors
Owners of a superyacht which deploys a Wajer as a tender, or Wajer owners wishing to make use of the Without a Worry service elsewhere, can request the services of Wajer Flying Doctors. These experts provide full service and technical assistance directly in your sailing area.

* For the exact terms and prices of the Wajer warranty, Wajer Winter Care and Wajer Without a Worry package, please call or contact Wajer through welcome@wajer.com.

After Sales

When it comes to maintenance, no one can outdo us. At Wajer, we consider a sale to be merely the beginning of our relationship with the customer. In addition to maintenance, there is an ongoing process of technical improvements from which all regularly returning boats can benefit. And, last but not least, there is room for winter storage at the Wajer yard. Leave your boat in our capable hands until it’s time to cruise back into the sailing season!


We have our own winter storage space that fits more than 50 Wajers on specially designed cradles. The area is heated, and testing and salt removal can be carried out on the Hegemer Lake. It’s good to know that your prized possession will have a warm winter welcome with Wajer.


If you need your boat to be transported anywhere in Europe, Wajer has the solutions you need. Our partner Van de Wetering Transport is the largest specialist in the Netherlands for road transport for yachts and carries out more than 50 relocations for Wajer every year. Transport from the Netherlands to Southern France, for instance, typically takes four days.

Yacht management on location

Wajer can take care of on-site yacht management for you in places ranging from Ibiza, Mallorca and the Côte d’Azur to as far as Miami. This includes technical support and cleaning services as well as captain & crew services. We provide preventive checks by a team of engineers trained to detect any issues before you do, which frees up your time for relaxed and carefree enjoyment of your yacht. Our teams also carry out cleaning, covering, resupplying the refrigerator and filling the tank, as necessary. Sailing with a captain is another option and you the choice to use your boat in even more contexts involving friends or family.


Wajer has its own dedicated moorings in several locations. We provide our owners with berths in some of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world via our network.