Wajer Approved

There is only one address to find the best pre-owned Wajer, and that’s with us!

Only Wajer can offer you Wajer Approved models, boats in an all-round excellent condition and ready to take you on completely carefree sailing trips.   

Pre-owned Wajer yachts have to earn the Wajer Approved label. The first step is the maintenance log; only Wajers that have been maintained in accordance with factory conditions and contain all-original parts are eligible. We then carry out the Wajer inspection: an extensive check in which more than 50 items are checked and the boat is subject to the most stringent testing regime. Only if all these areas have been approved can a boat be described as being as good as new and earn the Wajer Approved label. Like new Wajer models, an ‘Approved’ Wajer can apply for our unique Wajer Winter Care concept. This involves an extensive check-up to resolve any potential issues and storage so that your yacht comes through the winter months in optimal condition and also ensure that you can enjoy a seamless start to the new season.  

Moreover, with Wajer Winter Care we offer even more with our ultimate service package, Wajer Without a Worry in our hubs in for example the Côte d’Azur or Ibiza.

A final benefit is that the specialised maintenance by Wajer using original Wajer parts helps maximise the value retention of your Wajer yacht.

For the exact terms of the Wajer Approved warranty program on pre-owned yachts, please call or contact Wajer through welcome@wajer.com

Tornado Rib

Make model: Tornado 8,50, “built by Wajer”
Color: Black tubes, grey hull/console
Year: 2014, launched 2015
Construction: GRP
Engine: Yamaha 300 hp, 4 stroke, 2014, commissioned 2015
Price: EUR 79.500
VAT status: Paid
Lying: NL

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