April 11, 2013

Wajer 38: Power, elegance and luxury

The Wajer 38 motorboat combines a superb performance with relaxed sailing pleasure. “A combination of power, elegance and luxury means that the Wajer 38 offers you a new kind of sailing experience,” Dries Wajer says.

Family expansion

Its harmonious proportions and flowing lines place this 38-footer squarely in the Wajer family. The range originated with the Wajer 37, which immediately earned the prestigious Motorboat of the Year award at the Amsterdam boat show. The sturdy Wajer 38 was added to the range in 2013. New technologies have made it faster and more economical, as well as some 30% quieter than its predecessors. The walk-in closet and the sun deck on the foreship are unique for a boat in this category.


The sleek, symmetrical lines of the interior and the cockpit enhance the feeling of space and freedom of movement. The central dashboard put the needs of a captain first, just like on a jet. The 15-inch LED display is easy to read even in bright sunlight and the electric anchor can be operated from the steering position. The high-tech cockpit is dominated by leather and matt black anodised aluminium. The helmsman’s chair and two comfy seats with adjustable gas springs and dampers have been specially developed for the Wajer 38. Comfort is assured.


In addition to using increasingly high-quality materials and production methods, boatbuilding – like many other industries – is more and more oriented towards sustainability, especially when it comes to fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Reliability and maintenance are equally important. This is why the Wajer 38 features a full Mastervolt system coupled to integrated monitoring by Imtech. The boat can also be equipped with Volvo engines, resulting in excellent weight/power (hp) ratio, silent rotation and low fuel consumption and emissions. The prescribed maintenance is reduced to a minimum.


The Wajer 38 can be equipped with two powerful Volvo D6-DP 435 hp six-cylinder diesel engines combined with an IPS600 dual pod drive. Compared with conventional propeller shaft propulsion, this efficient joystick-controlled drive system ensures even easier operating comfort, more precise steering and 10 to 15% higher performance, including a top speed of 45 knots (about 85 km/h). The weight savings achieved by deploying lightweight materials and a more rigid hull enhance the dynamic sailing performance. The directional stability and controllability at high speed give a sense of total control.


There are no two identical Wajer 38s as there are countless options for personalisation. For instance, it is possible to spray paint the hull, deck and/or cockpit in the owner’s preferred uni or metallic colour. A rear view camera can also considerably increase cruising comfort, especially when manoeuvring or water skiing. And the high-end audio system developed especially for the new Wajer 38 consists of three amps, six speakers and two subwoofers on board, delivering at least the same sound quality as at home or in the car. A gangway fitted in the aft section is also part of the optional programme, and many Wajer 38 owners choose to have 100 hp jet surf boards and diving equipment beautifully integrated in the stowage areas.

Sailing pleasure

The ergonomic cockpit layout of the Wajer 38 ensures that the person at the helm has excellent visibility while staying totally connected with family, friends or guests on board. The elegant, ingenious convertible top provides excellent protection against wind and weather for up to 11 people. Slender spray rails are dynamically integrated in the design of the hull; combined with the flared bow, they ensure that the cockpit stays dry in all conditions without affecting the sailing properties.

About us

Wajer is experiencing a period of steady growth thanks to the globalisation of its marketing and sales activities. There have been notable sales successes especially in emerging markets like China, Hong Kong and Turkey. In addition to familiar locations on the French Riviera and Ibiza, Wajer recently opened new branches in Geneva, Majorca, Miami and the Hamptons. This growth can largely be attributed to the high quality and unlimited possibilities for customisation provided by the yard.