August 6, 2020

Improved Wajer 38 and 38 S with foil assist

Wajer Yachts introduces a fully upgraded version of the Wajer 38 and 38 S. Besides the aesthetic improvement, they are also tested with the addition of a foil assist. The brand-new adaption of foil technology ensures a totally different sailing experience, meaning less slamming, enhanced comfort and better performance. The foil aid is placed amidships on the hull and literally lifts the boat, greatly improving sailing comfort and reducing fuel consumption, while still reaching top speed.

Improved technology

Wajer Yachts is well-known for its innovation power. This new foil assist on the Wajer 38 and 38 S, developed by Van Oossanen Naval Architects, is proof to the point. Sailing these foiled Wajers makes for a more comfortable ride as they literally fly over the waves. There’s less slamming on the water which means a drier ride, as it reduces spray considerably. In addition, she sails more stable and faster because the boat has less resistance. Preliminary technical research also has shown that the foil assist reduces fuel consumption with 10-20%, while maximum speed increases with 3-6% at equal power.

For more information, specifications, images, please download the following press release: