All our boats are made by hand in the northern Netherlands. Wajer craftsmen are enormously dedicated and skilled in their own field. We have world-class specialists in woodworking, technological systems, design, epoxy construction, and more. And since they are handcrafted, no two boats are the same. What’s more, every model can be individualised and is built to order.

Made in Holland

Holland has an unrivalled reputation as the epicentre of quality boatbuilding. The Dutch know how to combine traditional skills with innovative technologies in a country where yards and leading equipment suppliers have cooperated for many decades. The ‘made in Holland’ tag is a recipe for a high resale value for Dutch yachts: add in the uncompromising dedication to quality of a yard like Wajer and you have the best possible value for your investment in pleasure.


Another quintessential Wajer skill is finishing. While many yards can deliver 90% quality, it is the final 10% that determines the ultimate measure of perfection. And that, in turn, is where your satisfaction as an owner will truly be decided. 

We take reliability just as seriously as fine looks and our boats are renowned for their exceptional engineering and finishing in terms of piping, wiring and the like. This reflects our belief that the exterior of a boat is only half the story – what is hidden away behind the panelling and the floors is equa§lly crucial to your long-term enjoyment. Every Wajer interior is built by technical experts who always keep ease of maintenance in mind.


Wajer is owned and staffed by people with a true passion for watersports. Our personal experiences make an invaluable contribution to the designs we create together with renowned specialists like e.g. Vripack Naval Architects and Sinot Yacht Design.

You can recognise a Wajer by its striking elegant flowing lines, its tumble home and the way the low cockpit combines with relatively low windows with carbon fibre or wooden trims. These are the elements that distinguish our boats and compose our design language. 

A yacht by Wajer is truly distinctive in terms of design. Observers are instantly touched by its beauty and timeless design. It is apparent in the understated lines, the distinctive shape of the window and the remarkable flare of the hull. But the best thing about a Wajer is that its beauty is perfectly matched by an equally striking sailing performance.


In its class, the Wajer models belong to the fastest boats in the world. Of course, speed is only part of the picture. It is the way you sail a yacht that makes the difference. Every Wajer is dry and super comfortable thanks to its deep-V hull designed by Vripack Naval Architects.

Wajer was the first European yard to deploy the unique Volvo Penta IPS system in open day boats. This makes a huge difference when it comes to performance, emissions and onboard comfort: 

• 30% less fuel consumption
• 30% less CO2 emissions 
• 50% lower perceived noise level
• 40% longer cruising range
• 20% higher top-speed
• Safe and predictable handling
• Joystick docking 

Visit the Volvo Penta website to find out more about how the system works.


Our goal at Wajer is to build the best boat in its class. Innovation is what drives us. This is not a simple question of technological development. It is also expressed in the way we integrate during the construction process the expected use of the vessel by the owners. Innovation comes naturally as we continuously keeping in mind how a boat will be deployed after delivery. 

Wajer was the first yard to introduce floor heating (in the Captain’s Launch), effectively extending the season into slightly colder, wetter months for many owners. We also introduced movable steering, making steering more ergonomic and comfortable.

Other achievements of Wajer include an innovation award for a floating boathouse. And we are additionally proud of the fact that we were the first to build a 37-foot open day boat back in 2006, and the first in Europe to fit an open day boat with a Volvo Penta IPS system. What’s more, the Wajer 37 was unanimously voted Boat of the Year by a panel of international journalists at the HISWA show.