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  • January 6, 2020

    Wajer 38 L: Finalist Limo Tender of the Year

    Heeg, january 2020 - The Wajer 38 L has been nominated as a finalist for the Limo Tender of the Year-award by Boat International. We're very excited and are of course expecting to win. Why we're not modest about this? You'll know when you read more about the Wajer 38 L.

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  • April 23, 2019

    Explore our S-Factor

    Never change a winning concept, they say. However, since following the beaten track has never been our forte, this year we’re launching the thrilling Wajer 55 S: lighter, faster and more versatile than its renowned 55 sibling. Two years after the release of the flagship Wajer 55, this sportier version is based upon a centre console concept. The new model has the same hull as the Wajer 55, but with a completely different deck layout. This gives the boat an even more dynamic look and room for all kinds of watersport toys. The Wajer 55 S combines sportiness, luxury and comfort.

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Wajer Yachts builds powerful and luxury open day boats. Our yachts are renowned for their contemporary elegance, breath-taking performance and industry-leading innovations. We build every Wajer completely by hand and entirely in house. All Wajer owners can rely on outstanding service that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

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Without a Worry

Wajer Care

Half the enjoyment of owning a Wajer is knowing she’s is well taken care of. From maintaining your boat to stocking up your fridge, our crew provides full service all over the world, remotely or from our local hubs. You can access Wajer Care 24/7 with our Wajer Owners App. Making sure every day on your Wajer is without a worry.

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As good as new

Wajer Approved

Only at Wajer you can find Wajer Approved occasions. Since we check and service all pre-owned yachts personally, we guarantee they’re in mint condition. Even after having been on the water for years.

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